Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wolf Scout Achievement 5 - A Simple Woodworking Project

Just popping in to share what I did with my Wolf Cub Scouts to pass off Achievement 5.  I wanted something that was really simple for them to construct and ran across this awesome little ruler basket on Pinterest.  I would link directly to her blog and instructions, but it looks like she has made the blog private, so I will try to explain what we did.

We purchased yardsticks from Lowe's (this was more cost effective than purchasing rulers) and cut them into thirds.  Then we took 1x4's and cut 1 - 12 inch piece and 2 - 6 inch pieces for each basket. The basket construction is pretty self explanatory by looking at the pictures, just make sure you nail the 6 inch 1x4's on top of the 12 incher, rather than to the sides.

We cut the yardsticks and the 1x4's into the sizes we needed, and drilled pilot holes for the nails prior to our meeting. It is a good thing we did, since our meeting went a couple of minutes long with the boys trying to finish up their projects. Don't try to save a step by skipping the drilling of pilot holes for the nails.  I don't think the boys would have finished if those pilot holes had not been drilled for them. This was a simple project, but these are eight-year-old boys, so it about maxed out their skill level, even with a lot of help from two adults.

This was a great, simple woodworking project for cub scouts or for any kids in that age range.  And my son is super happy to have a basket that he made himself, where he can store his favorite book series.
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