Monday, February 18, 2013

Thomas and Percy at the Washdown

If you have a little boy who is seriously into Thomas the Tank Engine, then chances are he is going love this simple little activity.  My three-year old is in a major train-loving phase and when I showed him how to do this, he could not get enough.  It kept him occupied for a long time.

Items needed:

  • Thomas the Train or one of his friends (one that can get wet)
  • Shaving Cream (we just bought a cheap $1 can at Dollar Tree)
  • sink or tub
  • faucet

1.  Put Thomas in the sink, or on the divider between the two sinks.

2.  Cover Thomas in shaving cream.

3.  Turn on the water and watch Thomas get "washed down."

Percy got a wash down too.

Super Fun!!!

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