Friday, May 9, 2014

Wolf Scout Achievement 8

We recently did a fun activity to pass off Wolf Achievement 8a.  The boys really loved it.

First I printed off a copy of "My Plate" from the Choose my Plate website.  I showed it to the boys and we talked for a few minutes about it, and what it meant, and discussed some of the foods that might be in the different groups.

Before the meeting I had printed off some simple pictures of several different foods that would belong in the different groups.  I would give you a link to where I found them, but in all my searching, I could not find them again.  I did, however, find tons of other images of foods from the different groups that would work, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding something that will work for you.

I also took paper lunch sacks and wrote the names of the different groups on them.  These were then set  up on a long table, and the boys lined up in two teams on the other side of the room.  I handed each person at the head of  the line a picture of a food, and then they raced down to the sacks and tried to put the picture in its corresponding bag.  After the boys were done racing, we went through the pictures and decided as a group, whether or not the picture had been placed in the correct category.

This was way more fun for a group of eight year old boys, than just sitting and having a discussion about this stuff, and they still learned and were able to pass of the requirement.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Simple, Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

These cute highlighters and tags were the gifts I made for my boys to give their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week this year.

They were inexpensive, simple, and FAST!  You can check out my full post on them, plus get the free printable tag on my other blog, Domestic Daybook.
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