Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Fun List

Today my boys started their last week of school before Summer break, and I realized that I had better get my summer fun list together pronto. We won't be doing these in any particular order, but I hope to get to all of them.  Here is what I have so far . . .

1.  Indoor Picnic
2. Outdoor Picnic
3. Make Dinosaur fossils
4. Have a boy friendly tea party
5. Leaf Rubbings

6.  Go fishing!.  Arizona has a free fishing day in June and we always take advantage of it.

7.  Sharpie Plate Art
8.  Run through the sprinklers
9.  Slip and Slide
10.Water Balloon Target Practice
11.  European Breakfast
12.  Bubble Painting
13.  Ice Cream Sandwiches on a stick

14.  Simon Says Art - maybe with sidewalk chalk outside.

15.  Silk Screen T-shirts

16.  Make and play with play dough

17.  Make, play with, and eat peanut butter play dough.

18.  Giant Bubbles
19.  Homemade Ice Cream
20.  Diet Coke and Mentos explosion
21.  Make necklaces for movie night
22.  Make milk carton watering cans
23.  Create pieces of art, then set them up for display and have an art show - complete with refreshments.
24.  Celebrate some unusual holidays.
25.  Elephant Toothpaste science experiment.
26.  Make Firecracker Sugar Cookies.
27.  Make Chip Bag Shrinkies.
28.  Exploding Bags with baking soda and vinegar.
29.  Have a backwards day.  Start the day with dessert, end with breakfast.  Wear clothes backwards.  Reverse your routine where possible (i.e. stories in the morning, chores in the evening.)
30.  Ivory Soap Explosion

I will add to this list as I think of, or find more things to do.  I will also try to blog about what we are doing and share the fun!  Here is hoping for a fabulous and fun Summer!

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