Friday, March 1, 2013

Extra Mini Icebox Cakes

Yesterday was son #3's Mom and Me day at preschool.  Mom and Me day is a chance for the preschooler and their mom (or other adult) to teach the preschool how to do something.  We decided to demonstrate how to make mini icebox cakes.  It was fun.

Saltwater Kids has a great tutorial on how to make them.  We follow it pretty closely, except we don't use quite as much cream between each layer and we use homemade chocolate wafer cookies - so much better. (Recipe found here.)

I made a couple in jars, as usual, to give to friends.

We made a bunch of extra mini versions to give to the preschoolers.

We made a tag and attached one to each cake that explains how they are to be stored and eaten. You can download it for free here.

It was a good day!
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