Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cooked Play Dough

Several years ago, I outlawed play dough at our house.  I found hot pink play dough ground into my new carpet and after working, and working, and working to get it out, I finally decreed that play dough's days were done for us.  After several months, I finally gave in and let my boys start playing with it again, but only under supervision.  So, playing with play dough is still kind of a special occassion at our house because I only allow it when I can keep tabs on what is going on.

Our favorite play dough is this cooked variety.  As a kid, I always hated the feeling of salt dough on my hands, but this play dough has a nice, smooth texture and it keeps well for a couple of months if stored correctly.  We love it!

You can find the full recipe and a tutorial on how to make this play dough at my other blog here.  I highly recommend it.  We have been enjoying it for years!

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