Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magnetic Puzzles

Recently, I decided to make some of the magnetic puzzles I found on Pinterest that are blogged about here.   I found some cute little wood puzzles at Dollar Tree that had some of my boys favorite characters on them.  When I looked at my roll of magnetic tape, it seemed a little thick and I was afraid that it might make the puzzle pieces rock a little when the puzzle was being put together, so, for the first puzzle I decided to use a thin magnet sheet I found at the dollar store awhile ago. I cut the sheet up into pieces that would fit on the backs of the puzzle pieces.  Then my boys put the puzzle together on a cookie sheet.  They had fun.  After all, it was playing with magnets and putting a puzzle together at the same time. (Double fun!)  While this worked well, and I think the magnets were strong enough to work well for a car trip, they definitely weren't strong enough for trying to put the magnets together on a vertical surface.  For the second puzzle, I used my magnet tape.  The pieces did rock a bit as expected, but they definitely adhered to the metal surface better.  In fact, they adhered so well, that some of them stuck to the surface rather than the puzzle piece when taking them off.  So, they will probably need a little dab of glue under each of the magnet pieces, rather than just relying on the adhesive that comes on the magnet tape.

Overall, this was worth it.  It made putting puzzles together a little extra fun for the kids and I look forward to trying them out on our next road trip.  And, in case you're interested, for my third puzzle, I am probably going to use the magnet tape with a little extra glue.
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